Currently Reading: January 20th, 2013

Well I just had finished ‘Mockingjay’ last night. Let me just say, the ending was not what I was hoping for. I was annoyed by the lack of detail. I was also highly confused about Gale. Like what ever happened to him? And nothing really resolves to any point of clarity. To say the least, this book was rushed from the previous books in the trilogy.

Currently Reading: January 18th, 2013

Well I was stuck on not reading ‘Mockingjay’ for the past week. After part 1 I seemed to not care for the book as I had planned. I didn’t really care how the story was being told, but now I’m passed that stage and actually liking part 2 WAY more than part 1. But over all it’s hard to compete with the first two books.

Currently Reading: January 10th, 2013

I have started Mockingjay, the third and last book in the Hunger Games trilogy. Let me just say, I could really care less for it. I feel like the storyline just isn’t there. I’m trying to push myself through the first half hoping and praying that this book can be somewhat bearable and rewarding towards the end.

Currently Reading: January 5th, 2013

Happy New Year to all! I haven’t read anything so far over break since I’ve been really busy. But now I’m starting to read the first book of the month, Catching Fire. Catching Fire is the second book in the Hunger Games Trilogy. I currently have just ended at the beginning of chapter four. So far this book is amazing. I thought the beginning would start like the first book, but I was wrong. There are a few scenes in the first few chapters that lead me wanting for more and leaving me breathless. I really enjoy this sort of suspense!