Book Review: Grasshopper Jungle by: Andrew Smith

A short brief synopsis of this novel includes, giant praying mantis, horny 16 year old boys, and the world ending.
Austin and his gay best friend Robby are horny teenagers who love to smoke (I mean what else can you do in a small town in rural Iowa). That is until one day they come across some weird containers and everything goes downhill from there where six foot tall praying mantises take over the world eating humans one head at a time.
The amount of horniness is beyond crazy in this book. Seems like every other line Austin gets horny somehow which got old after ¼ way into the book. I seriously wanted to beat Austin to a bloody pulp and tell him to go masturbate and shut up.
Never in my life had I ever had a problem with swearing in a book, until this one. The amount of the word shit used in one sentence irritated the shit out of me. I couldn’t stand every other sentence being filled with that word. I know this is a teenage boy narrating, but this was beyond annoying.
I really could have cared less for the author’s writing style. I give credit to some of the witty one liners such as, “Secondhand stores are like vacuum cleaners to the world: They suck in everybody’s shit. (page 49)” But at times I felt very repetitious with the way Smith worded his sentences like “It was not a good idea”. More like it’s not a good idea to keep saying this sentence over and over again
Hmmmmm… It’s really hard to find any positives about this book. At first I thought this was the weirdest book ever and I began to somehow like it. After about ¼ of the way through I started to slowly not caring about this book, and once I got to the halfway point I just didn’t want to finish it. But I kept on trekking through all the mud and boring history lessons. I must say I got more into it during part 4 and started to enjoy the book. If I had to choose a favorite part of the book it would have to be page 380 which ended the book on an enjoyable note for myself. I’m rating Grasshopper Jungle 2/5 stars because I’m feeling generous. Even though this book drove me crazy and bored me to death at times, I still enjoyed bits and pieces.
Overall this book made me very bitter and I’ve never wanted to get done reading a book so quickly because I didn’t like it. I’m 100% glad I rented this book from the library. My final thought is to skip this book or just get it at a library because I didn’t find it all that charming or necessary to own.